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Management Services

Our management professionals provide a complete range of property services including property management, facilities maintenance, lease administration, financial reporting, construction coordination, brokerage, receivership and REO disposition. From developing management plans to day-to-day operations, we combine unparalleled local market knowledge with proven methodologies, a flexible reporting platform and a deep commitment to client satisfaction to customize our services and reporting to your needs.

As an Accredited Management Organization ® (AMO®), NAI FMA Realty currently oversees more than 3.6 million-square-feet of office, retail, medical and industrial facilities for a variety of institutional and entrepreneurial commercial real estate owners.  And when you select NAI FMA to assume responsibility for your asset, we are prepared with our transition process - looking at budgets, capital improvement options, energy management, preventive maintenance programs, lease audits and potential additional revenue streams – all critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your investment.

Our entire team makes tenant satisfaction the highest priority. Outstanding customer service and total tenant satisfaction, combined with the fiduciary responsibility to the owner, guides decision-making in the delivery of each service.


Property Management

We embrace innovation and industry “best practices” in our management methodologies to preserve and enhance the value of real estate assets. We work closely with clients and take an ownership approach in understanding their needs to fulfill their long-term objectives.

Our commitment to the highest standard of service, complemented by the depth and broad expertise of our team, has allowed us to develop trusting and mutual rewarding relationships with our clients. We have earned a reputation for attracting and retaining quality tenants, maintaining higher levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction, reducing operating costs and increasing cash flows. We leverage our buying power to negotiate contracts to drive down costs and guarantee the client’s property gets the best possible service.

From annual budgeting to comparative building/expense analysis, maintaining good tenant relations to enforcing lease provisions,  creating efficiencies and providing innovative costs controls, we manage every aspect of your asset, keeping the financial goals at the forefront, and accommodating tenants in their workplace.

Lease Administration

Our lease administration combines technology, resources and best-in-class processes and procedures to help clients streamline and manage building leases in a more efficient manner.

You benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our professionals as each lease goes from execution to on-going management throughout the tenant lease lifecycle. We perform tasks quickly, accurately and efficiently. From rent processing, auditing and reconciling CAM/operating expenses, TI allowance monitoring, tracking critical dates, and the speed in collections/billing, NAI FMA saves clients time and money.

Construction Coordination

We provide extensive construction, development and tenant improvement services for office, medical, industrial, flex, retail and mixed use assets. Our many services include project negotiation, scope definition, design schedules, architect, engineer and contractor selection, bidding, budgets and pricing, field inspections, relocations, furniture and TI coordination and vendor payments.

Sustainability & Environmental

We appreciate and calculate how environmental and sustainability issues relate to the commercial function and cost of your business. Executing and managing environmental projects, including Energy Star and LEED certifications, properly insures your asset reaches maximum performance potential.

From proactively researching the issues that most affect our clients and will in the future, to executing the activities that solve environmental issues and ultimately save valuable time and costs, NAI FMA Realty takes our responsibility to the planet and our clients very seriously.

Facilities Maintenance

Our proven systems save tenants and owners time and money. NAI FMA’s approach to maintaining an asset is grounded in our overall organizational model, which enhances the performance of the asset and keeps systems running efficiently.

The uniformed building engineers and skilled technicians making up our team hold the required licenses and have a minimum of 10 years of experience operating most building systems. They maintain your asset to the highest standards from changing a light bulb to complex tasks as balancing airflow or adjusting energy management systems.

Our team responds to tenant concerns and service calls rapidly and effectively 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with minimal downtime and cost. Clients benefit from the efficiency of matching the service call with the appropriate maintenance associate, as expenses are reduced for hourly billing. Increased productivity and better economies of scale are achieved with staff covering numerous properties.
Our preventive maintenance program maximizes equipment value and prolongs the life of the building’s systems. We know how systems should operate to provide the most efficient, cost-effective use.

Financial Reporting

Our reporting is timely, straightforward and easy to understand, providing all the necessary information needed to review performance of the property. The mainstay of our process is flexibility and the desire to give our clients the highest quality products.

From balance sheets, income and expense summaries, bank reconciliations, budget variances, receivables and rent rolls we make sure our accounting procedures are clearly outlined, accurate, and provide details regarding tenant billbacks, coding and approval of invoices.

Risk Management

NAI FMA managers are trained in management policies and procedures regarding the implementations of risk management policies, emergency services, property appearance, maintenance and safety. Our office maintains relationships with legal counsel for the review of insurance requirements related to management contracts and tenant policies.

We also engage in environmental risk management, maintaining the environmental condition of a property, the tenants’ use of the premises, and the products tenants use onsite. From safety, legal compliance, and financial standpoints, our practices minimize risk to owners, tenants, and on-site employees.